Diesel Technic Solar PV Rooftop Dubai, UAE


Diesel Technic


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Diesel Technic Solar PV Rooftop

AMANA delivered a 7,820m2 Solar PV Rooftop panels for our client Diesel Technic. In 2013, we completed the Design & Build of the warehouse. In line with Diesel Technic’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious solutions, AMANA designed, engineered, installed the Solar PV Panels across their facility. In addition, AMANA was also responsible for the ongoing testing and maintenance, ensuring that we deliver a full turnkey solution to the highest of quality.

AMANA also offered a maintenance and operations contract for Diesel Technic for 2 years, ensuring the application of waterproofing and insulation systems to roof, gutters and parapet.

The Solar PV system will offer unprecedented cost savings, environmental benefits and increase our client’s CSR portfolio.

AMANA provided creative solutions on the project, which are listed below:

  • Provided an agile Solar PV Roof Design that includes walkway system to cover the whole roof to ensure safety of workers during the O&M lifetime, in addition to protecting the roof cladding from excessive movement.
  • Installation of Solar modules mounting structure through the purlin using long rails to increase the sturdiness of the mounting methodology.
  • Installation of skylight mesh cover as an extra Health and safety measure.
  • Design is optimized to achieve maximum energy production by avoiding all the shading elements.
  • Solar Inverters and electrical boards installed inside the warehouse to maintain the performance and efficiency of the inverter since exposure to direct sunlight can cause overheating of the components and reduces the inverter efficiency


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