Group AMANA Businesses

Group AMANA is in constant forward motion. Over decades of growth, we have adopted intelligent solutions that improve the way we build, making AMANA a regional leader in the industry today.

Our Divisions

Group AMANA consists of three business verticals:

Construct | Manufacture | Enhance

These categorise the solutions of each of our divisions.


AMANA’s legacy construction operations

AMANA Contracting and AMANA Aviation Fueling offer intelligent design-build turnkey solutions to the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. Thriving on our in-house capabilities, we specialise in full civil, architectural, structural steel, mechanical, electrical and external services.
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Delivering built-to-suit design-build and turnkey solutions since 1993.
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Specialising in Aviation Fuel Storage, Hydrant Refueling Systems and transmission pipelines for commercial and military airport infrastructure.
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AMANA’s new generation manufacturing modular construction

Pioneers in the modular construction industry, DuBox, and DuPod use technology that transforms the way we build, improving quality and performance, speed of construction and early return on investment.
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The region’s leading modular design and off-site construction company.
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The ultimate in plug-and-play intelligent build-to-fit modular solutions.
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AMANA’s environmentally minded operations

With a vision to build a greener, better tomorrow, AMANA Solar and AMANA Energy-Saving’s design and installation offer clients cleaner energy and environmentally-driven solutions.
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Design, installation and maintenance of roof-mounted solar panels to provide cleaner energy solutions for industrial buildings.
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Energy-saving specialists providing expertise on financing and implementing customised energy efficiency solutions.
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Bringing game-changing innovation, from across the entire value chain, to the construction market

AMANA X is the next phase in our journey, embarking on digitalisation of our current businesses while investing in the future of construction technology, energy and sustainable resources. The vision for AMANA X is to build and operate best-in-class construction companies and invest selectively in sectors that we can influence for the betterment of humanity.
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