Intelligent Solutions

At Group AMANA, we continue to explore the latest technologies to drive project efficiencies that showcase long-term impact and results.

Advanced Technologies

We integrate advanced technology solutions across Group AMANA to reduce production cycles, streamline engineering, enhance design and foster collaboration. Advanced technologies allow us to offer value-driven solutions and deliver certainty for our client’s projects.

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Adopting a BIM Future

We utilise Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to collaborate across Group AMANA through cloud-based and network servers. BIM enhances project coordination between our teams and clients by collaborating on the same model from the early stages. This streamlines efficiency and decision making, reducing the time to project completion.

BIM allows our teams to create comprehensive, time-sensitive and validated construction site models that deliver high-quality results for our clients. The level of detail enables us to create a 3D visualisation of each component. Using BIM 4D simulation, we can also provide a visual timeline of our clients’ entire construction process, helping us make more accurate and smarter decisions.

We also use BIM to support our offsite construction modular solutions to deliver sustainable and energy-saving buildings for our clients.

Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We have implemented CMiC and Oracle across Group AMANA, integrated ERP systems that uses state-of-the-art software specifically designed for the construction industry to automate and transform business processes. The unified cloud-based platforms enable us to collect, analyse and evaluate asset performance data. This provides a single data source for all front and back-end office operations with business intelligence reporting to enhance mobility, collaboration, and delivery.

Super-Flat Slabs

Slabs with tight tolerances required for advanced fulfilment centers

Group AMANA provides a one-of-its-kind laser screed technology for steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slabs. They can be used in time-sensitive projects offering a faster turnaround than conventional construction whilst maximining warehouse and industrial floor efficiency.

A 2,000m2 concrete floor slab can be completed in less than 24 hours with laser screed technology, while the conventional method would take three to four days. The technology requires minimal set-up time and delivers superior quality, safety and accuracy. Over the last five years, we have delivered over 1,500,000m2 Free Movement Areas (FM) and Defined Movement Areas (DM) flat slabs.

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