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Emirates Crop One Vertical Farm

AMANA Contracting marked a major milestone as it has delivered its first-ever vertical farm in the region, which will boost long-term food security and self-sufficiency in the UAE.

The high-tech hydroponic facility in Dubai South was constructed in collaboration with Crop One Holdings and Emirates Flight Catering. It spans 330,000 square feet as the World’s Largest Vertical Farm and will not only produce more than a million kilos of high-quality leafy greens but will do so with 95% less water than conventional farming, boosting the UAE’s food security.

The product will be available on Emirates flights and for consumers to purchase across stores in the UAE under the Bustanica brand.

AMANA delivered the project while adhering to the highest quality and safety norms, using off-site construction techniques. AMANA executed and installed specialized systems throughout the project, such as LED lights in the grow room and germination room, grow fans, grow room controls, pack house equipment, grow kit, racking, nutrient dosing systems, and germination room equipment, among other facilities.

AMANA leveraged BIM technology to develop all the workshop drawings and executed MEP using offsite construction. Given that modular techniques are more efficient, leaner and result in less waste production, AMANA ensured that the project was executed in the most sustainable way possible. AMANA also achieved a milestone of 1+ million work hours without any LTI at the project.

World’s Largest

Vertical Farm


Less Water

1 Million+

Leafy Greens Produced


Completion Year


June 2022
Aug 2022

Certificate of Appreciation

June 2022

AMANA Contracting receives Certificate of Appreciation from Dubai Aviation City Corporation in appreciation of the participation towards the ‘Work at Height Awareness Campaign’ by reaching 1+ million safe man hours on the project with zero lost time or injury.

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed visits Facility

Aug 2022

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed visits Emirates Crop One Facility. The Crown Prince of Dubai noted the three-hectare farm highlighted the Emirate’s plan to harness innovative technology to enable the food security sector.  

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