Group AMANA Careers

We are constantly looking for new talent who will challenge the way we build to enhance our work for a better tomorrow. Group AMANA provides multiple opportunities to develop your career with us.


What makes a True AMANAian
We know that our growth and success come from our people, who continuously drive our company, partners and clients forward. Our community of talented employees, AMANAians, are built on the eight foundations of the Group AMANA workforce.
We are team players.

Respecting ideas and building long-term relationships with clients & colleagues.

We are reliable.

Committed to delivering with dedication & self-discipline.

We communicate with clarity.

Reaching our goals by staying aligned with our company values.

We make decisions based on understanding.

Knowledge is valuable and drives us to generate ideas for the best solutions.

Why Join Us

At AMANA, we aim to be intellectually robust, on-trend, and industry leaders. We pride ourselves in adapting to changing environments and are always driven by curiosity to find new and innovative solutions. We are experts in the field and provide opportunity for talent to develop and grow with us.

We are accountable.

Empowering us to be results-driven and proud of our work.

We foster integrity.

Fostering a positive work environment to deliver the best for our clients.

We are human-driven.

Always helping and guiding each other to meet long-term needs and plans.

We are adaptable and agile.

Aiding our growth and driving our passion to ensure we are always staying ahead.

Building the future with AMANAians

We are human-centric, promoting learning and development opportunities for all our people to thrive. We provide coaching and mentoring to create a work environment that encourages self-development, where skills and passion grow in parallel every day. AMANAians are our most important asset, experts in their fields driving greater efficiencies for our clients.

AMANAians think ahead and provide creative solutions to challenging problems.
AMANAians’ innovation and energy drive us forward, equipped and motivated for the future.

Interested in joining the AMANA Family?

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Experienced Professionals

We are always looking for experienced construction and manufacturing professionals to join us across the AMANA Group business brands.

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